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About Sue Rogers - Education Consultant

Sue Rogers - Education ConsultantSue has a wide ranging educational CV. As a successful headteacher, Sue has led and managed four very different schools, covering pupil age ranges from four to 14.

Sue has extensive experience in carrying out school inspection work, both in England and the UAE. This experience, together with a continuous eye on the latest research underpins her very clear philosophy on effective teaching and learning. She is a regular contributor to the monthly pedagogical magazine Primary Teacher Update and a panel ‘expert’ for The Key. Sue has also managed a number of innovative learning and teaching projects.

Sue’s main area of expertise is assessment for learning in the context of the new curriculum. She believes that successful feedback on how to improve and pupils’ involvement in their learning is crucial. As many teachers struggle with the concept of success criteria (partly because of lack of time) Sue developed the What Makes Good (WMG) and Ready Teddy Go (RTG) planning and formative and summative assessment tools. These are available on subscription on this website. Sue also works with the allied concept of mastery – ensuring that learning is secured and exploring what this implies for planning, teaching and assessment.

When not working Sue travels the globe - over 140 countries so far. Blogging enables her to combine her passions for writing, photography and exploration. Back in the classroom, pupils’ responses to these blogs have culminated in exceptionally high quality writing. The result was Buy a Blog - now available on the website.

In addition, Sue specialises in school improvement. She has managed numerous reviews, run self-evaluation projects for London boroughs, the most rewarding of which has been successfully moving schools from ‘Good to Great’ and has been employed in an advisory, management or SIP capacity in in several Local Authorities working particularly with urban schools, identified as in need of improvement. She has also led effective school improvement work and training abroad in such diverse locations as Nepal, Ghana, Cyprus, Qatar and Kuwait.

Apart from advisory work direct with schools Sue has run many training sessions on monitoring and self-evaluation for senior leaders and has designed a wealth of supporting materials including SEF templates if required, personalised for each school. See self-evaluation resources for what is available.

Sue runs a separate website at devoted to providing outstanding custom made consultancy for school leaders.

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