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  • Genuine travel blogs detailing 'Sue the Explorer’s' adventures as she travels round the world
  • A brilliant way to stimulate high quality, eloquent writing in the classroom, backed by CfBT Education Trust research
  • A real live audience
  • Motivational reading, links to classic books
  • Information retrieval and note taking with real purpose
  • Geography in action, follow the journeys to locate cities, countries, climatic zones and physical features
  • Lots of natural science, history, RE, music and IT (obviously) too

Cato, a travelling catTraveller’s 'Tails'

  • Blogs for younger writers authored by travelling animals
  • Choose from cats (plenty of room for puns here and references to Old Possum’s Book) or Teeny Tiny the Blogging Bear

How is it done?

  • Choose your journey (country or countries can be adapted as required)
  • The relevant blog is chunked, diary style, into daily ‘live’ emails sent to the class from the country or countries selected, and adapted to suit any primary age. (Or choose to have the excerpts posted on your school blog site). Great photographs are also included to further motivate writing. The blogs model good quality writing and encourage engagement. They also pose questions for pupils to consider, discuss and/or research. Or opt to have the whole blog in advance and divide it up yourself so you can feed it to the pupils as and when you want
  • The pupils then craft email (or blog) replies. This is best done as part of a lesson where the teacher can scaffold the writing with an emphasis on any text type that they wish. However, teachers will probably want to encourage pupils to answer the questions posed as fully as possible and to utilise quality vocabulary
  • Every pupil who writes a reply is guaranteed at least one answer, so that a conversation is developed. These emailed (or blogged) responses are sent on the chosen day(s). They encourage and evaluate writing and stimulate further research/questioning. The responses also focus on vocabulary and grammatical patterns and refer to What Makes Good label success criteria. Or buy a real time slot and have replies sent direct to your own school blog site as pupils write
  • The excitement of a real audience is really effective in developing eloquent writing, fit for purpose
  • Conversations can be further extended if you wish (at extra charge)

Which countries are available?

Most popular blogs are:

  • On the Trail of the Polar Bear - Svalbard (Norway), The Arctic, On the Trail of the Polar Bear (bears, walruses, whales, glaciers, ice bergs, boats, lots of polar bear stories, How the Whale Became, Northern Lights)
  • Searching for Shere Khan - India (tigers, jackals, rainforest, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jungle Book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Aesop’s Fables
  • Route 66 - (a cross section of the USA, prairies to canyons and deserts, Native Americans, Chicago, LA and other cities en route, music, art, cars, sport, history of the depression, There's an Indian in the Cupboard)
  • South Pacific! - (volcanoes, tribal celebrations, rainforest, birds of paradise, reefs, mantas, whales, sharks, tropical islands, music, sport, Kensuke's Kingdom, Pippi in the South Seas, The Rainbow Fish, Coral Island, Swiss Family Robinson, Robinson Crusoe)
  • The Trans Canadian - (a cross section of Canada coast to coast, The Rockies, The Great Lakes, forests, prairies and cities. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax, trains, Anne of Green Gables, From a Railway Carriage)
  • The Uttermost End of the Earth - Chile and Argentina (the Andes, glaciers, ice bergs, volcanoes, music, In Patagonia)
  • China - (Shanghai and the Yangtze gorges, Taoism, Buddhism, boats, music, The House of Sixty Fathers)
  • Malaysia - (Kuala Lumpur, rainforests, tea plantations Buddhism, Islam, Taoism)
  • Indonesia - (volcanoes, rainforests, orang utans, komodo dragons, rural life, reefs, Islam, Buddhism)

South PacificAlso available:

  • Call of the Wild - Alaska (whales, orcas, glaciers, ice bergs, brown bears, taiga, tundra, mountains lots of bear stories, Call of the Wild, White Fang, How the Whale Became)
  • Brazil - (the Pantanal, the Amazon, rainforest, Iguassu Falls)
  • The Lost World and Beyond - Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, (waterfalls, rainforest, canoes, tepuis, The Lost World)
  • Out of Africa - East Africa (game drives, the Big Five, camels, bush, Zanzibar, Just So Stories, Aesop’s Fables)
  • Bolga Diary - West Africa, Ghana and Burkina Faso (rural life, markets, crocodiles, folk tales)
  • Central America - Panama to Guatemala overland (volcanoes, rainforest, islands, birds, Mayan history, Spanish invasion and colonialism)
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - SE States: New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, Mississippi, Memphis, Nashville, Florida (history, music, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn)
  • Caribbean Capers - St Lucia (tropics, reefs, islands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Island)
  • Across The Top End - Australia, Across The Top End (aboriginal peoples and art, desert, mining, rock formations, beaches, dolphins, turtles, Walkabout)
  • European countries: France (music, art, The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo), Spain (music, art), Greece (history, myths), Turkey (Islam, Sufis, cave dwellers), Norway (Northern Lights, myths), Switzerland (mountains, skiing, Heidi)
  • European cities: Rome (history, art, myths, legends), Paris (music, art)
  • Areas of England (The Children of the New Forest, Wind in the Willows, When We Were Very Young, Winnie the Pooh, Swallows and Amazons, Tom Brown’s Schooldays, Lorna Doone, Ivanhoe, Moonfleet), London (various poetry, Dickens, Sherlock Holmes), Scotland (Kidnapped), Wales and Northern Ireland
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway - Russia to Mongolia (Trains, history, steppes, tundra, taiga, yurts, festivals, From a Railway Carriage)
  • Central Asia - Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan (mountains, Islam, yurts)

Tailored blogs also available for any country for which there are photographs in the photo gallery


  • £50 Blog - Entire/completed blog for your chosen journey (see list of countries above), along with photos. Choose to receive a 'Sue the Explorer Blog' or 'Travellers’ Tails' for younger writers (Cato the Cat and his friends, or Teeny Tiny the Blogging Bear)
  • £100 Conversation - Entire/completed blog for your chosen journey (see list of countries above), along with photos, and one session of responses (more packages and live sessions on request). Choose to receive a 'Sue the Explorer Blog' or 'Travellers’ Tails' for younger writers (Cato the Cat and his friends, or Teeny Tiny the Blogging Bear)
  • To request a blog or ask questions go to the contact page and fill out the form provided
Sample Blog Extract

Hi, I'm Teeny Tiny, the Blogging Bear

I'm Teeny Tiny, the Blogging Bear. I think it’s pretty obvious how I got my name, but being very small can be an advantage. Sue does lots of exploring and I can sneak along in her luggage without anyone else noticing. Sometimes even she doesn’t realise that I’ve tagged along. So I get to see some amazing sights. And then I blog about them. Who’s Sue? Well you could say that she’s my owner, but that makes it sound as if I do what I'm told. I'm not a great deal of trouble, but I do like to do my own thing. Let’s say I'm her travelling companion.

Hi, I'm Teeny Tiny, the Blogging Bear

Greetings, I'm Cato, a travelling cat

I'm Cato, a curious cat. As you can see I like to wear costumes that suit the place that I'm visiting. I’ve been to so many places that I have a whole catalogue of 'tails'. This is me in Rome, visiting the catacombs of course. I'm named after a very famous Ancient Roman - because I talk a lot!

Greetings, I'm Cato, the Curious Cat

South Pacific

Teeny Tiny in India


Indian Tiger


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