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What Makes Good (WMG) New Curriculum planning, assessment tools and checklists

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Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Resources & Materials

What Makes Good (WMG) planning includes:

  • A scheme of work for New Curriculum English and mathematics
  • Numbered easy access learning objectives
  • Child friendly success criteria for each objective
  • A spreadsheet assessment tool for each year group enabling whole class and individual pupil tracking and summative assessment - assessment without levels made simple
  • Approximately 400 English objectives with success criteria, for Year 1 to Year 6 covering reading comprehension, grammar and punctuation and composition plus spoken language, word recognition, spelling and handwriting
  • Nearly 400 mathematics objectives with success criteria, for Year 1 to Year 6, corresponding to the strands in the new curriculum (Number and rounding, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, percentages, algebra, ratio and proportion, measurement, geometry: properties of shapes, geometry: position, direction and motion and statistics)
  • Planning overviews detailing the objectives and success criteria for each year group in each subject, providing easy planning and continuity and allowing teacher flexibility


Primary School Self-evaluation & School Reviews - Feedback.When Sue showed me how her website could help with planning and the children's learning (especially being in Year 6 for the first time), my first thoughts were 'Awesome', 'Fab resources', 'Just what I needed'.Primary School Self-evaluation & School Reviews - Feedback.

Sharifah Jelany-Lee,
Foxborough Primary School,

Primary School Self-evaluation & School Reviews - Feedback.These are fab. Primary School Self-evaluation & School Reviews - Feedback.

Gavin Oulton, Headteacher,
Northlands Wood Primary School,
Haywards Heath


What Makes Good (WMG) checklists:

  • Are the ideal solution
  • Are approximately 800 attractive professionally designed checklist labels, illustrated with photographs. There is one for each English and mathematics objective. Each has two columns of boxes, one for self evaluation in blue and another for teacher (or peer) validation in green. There is also space for the teacher’s comments and children’s follow-up assessment, providing effective, high quality feedback
  • Ensure learners are crystal clear about what they have to do to improve, completing the assessment for learning loop
  • Facilitate speedy marking
  • Are loved by children because they take ownership of their learning and succeed
  • Help pupils self- and peer-evaluate.
  • Ensure learners are crystal clear about what they have to do to improve, completing the assessment for learning loop
  • Are, in the main, A5 size; so you can print them out to paste in books or stand on desks. A few checklists for older pupils are A4 in size, simply because there is too much information for A5 format.
  • Can also be used electronically on your Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) to set the scene for your lesson and refer to when modelling, reviewing and evaluating
  • Can easily be edited, as they are provided in Word
  • Pave the way for outstanding primary school teaching
  • Are unique

Give yourself the gift of time and improve your teaching!

Ofsted praise the checklists!

The clarity of the written learning objectives and success criteria meant that the teachers here were able to plan effective, meaningful learning where children made good progress. Our lead inspector was impressed with the quality of the children’s recorded self and peer assessments using the WMG labels. The labels from this website were an excellent resource and support for the teachers here. We will definitely be continuing to use the materials.

Kate Magliocco, Headteacher, St Cyprian's G.O. Primary School, Thornton Heath


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I think your AfL resources are great! The teachers are really enthusiastic.

Linda Harvey, Headteacher, Beaumont Primary School, Purley.

AfL labels are going really well, teachers love them!

Tammy Lawlor, Headteacher, St Joseph's Infant and Nursery School, Croydon.


The theory
(Extract from an article on the teaching resources page. Read the whole thing there.)

Black and Wiliam carried out a thorough investigation into research on raising standards in the classroom. The study was called Inside the Black Box. It established that the only proven effective means of raising standards in the classroom was via effective formative assessment. The most important point they make is:

"Greatest measurable gain in learning is dependent upon specific teacher feedback to the learner on how to improve"

Further work was done by Black and Wiliam and by Shirley Clarke and other practitioners and researchers and their ideas were taken up and integrated into the Assessment Reform Group. They have since been successfully expanded and promoted nationwide and given the collective title Assessment for Learning (AfL or A4L)

The main elements of Assessment for Learning are:

  • Formative assessment that concentrates on establishing where the learner is and where the learner should be next
  • Specific shared learning objectives
  • Clear success criteria
  • Lesson modelling
  • Questioning
  • Feedback policies that promote specific positive feedback for the next stages of improvement
  • Self-assessment (linking to metacognition)
  • Peer assessment

Assessment for learning sits at the top of the personalised learning pyramid and it is undoubtedly the key to effective focused teaching and learning. The checklists are your perfect means to deliver effective assessment for learning.

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Download Primary School Educational Resources

Primary School Maths, Mathematics, Literacy, Reading Resources Downloads

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English Year 2, Writing, Grammar & Punctuation

English Year 2
Writing, Grammar & Punctuation

Maths Year 2, Geometry

Mathematics Year 2

English Year 1, Writing, Composition

English Year 1
Writing, Composition

English Year 4, Spoken Language

English Year 4
Spoken Language

Maths Year 4, Measures

Mathematics Year 4

English Year 3-4,  Writing, Transcription, Spelling

English Year 3-4
Writing, Transcription, Spelling

Maths Year 1, Fractions

Mathematics Year 1

English Year 6, Reading, Comprehension
English Year 6
Reading, Comprehension
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