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On the Trail of the Polar Bear

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I am the Walrus

Today a lot of briefings about polar bear safety. We are not to go anywhere on shore on our own and all the crew have rifles with them. Scary. We’ve been told not to go near any bears - if we see one. Or the rifles. Even scarier.

We cruise north. These fjords did not freeze up completely this winter, which they say is very unusual. Global warming. So we’re going to look for the pack ice nearer the Pole. That’s where the bears hang out, hunting for seals.

We stop in a beautiful fjord, all sapphire reflections as the sun comes out. The glaciers are still calving little ice bergs that bob around us and the zodiac boats take us past a group of forty walruses sunbathing on a shingle spit. The big bulls zoom out to greet us snorting foam and pretending to turn our boats over with their huge ivory tusks. Great photos, but I’m glad they are only playing. They are, aren’t they? One of those tusks could do a lot of damage to a rubber inflatable. I don’t fancy swimming in water that’s only one degree Celsius.

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Polar Bear


Hi, I'm Teeny Tiny, the Blogging Bear

I'm Teeny Tiny, the Blogging Bear. I think it’s pretty obvious how I got my name, but being very small can be an advantage. Sue does lots of exploring and I can sneak along in her luggage without anyone else noticing. Sometimes even she doesn’t realise that I’ve tagged along. So I get to see some amazing sights. And then I blog about them. Who’s Sue? Well you could say that she’s my owner, but that makes it sound as if I do what I'm told. I'm not a great deal of trouble, but I do like to do my own thing. Let’s say I'm her travelling companion.

Hi, I'm Teeny Tiny, the Blogging Bear

Greetings, I'm Cato, a travelling cat

I'm Cato, a curious cat. As you can see I like to wear costumes that suit the place that I'm visiting. I’ve been to so many places that I have a whole catalogue of 'tails'. This is me in Rome, visiting the catacombs of course. I'm named after a very famous Ancient Roman - because I talk a lot!

Greetings, I'm Cato, the Curious Cat

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